Dining Observations


I was trying to take the day off from homework, but when we were at breakfast at a place called "Huckleberry Square," I saw the following quote on the menu: "God’s gift to the Native Americans and now shared with you. High mountain hand-picked wild Huckleberries embody the spirit of the Northwest."


Huckleberry Menu


We go there for breakfast fairly regularly and I’d never noticed that before. I also had never tried the huckleberries, so I figured I ought to check out "God’s gift to the Native Americans…" I ordered a stack of four medium pancakes with huckleberries and they were HUGE! (See below.) Tasted great though, not that I could finish them.


Huckleberry Pancakes


And then at dinner we were at Taco Time and I saw the following quote on the tray mat: "Puget Sound’s indigenous taco since 1962." Cute advertisement, but I found the use of the word "indigenous" a little surprising. It made me remember how Aveda ended up dropping a line of body wash and oil they called "indigenous" after there was some uproar about the trademark of the word. Not that I’m going to organize a protest against the menu this morning or the tray mat at Taco Time! It is just interesting to be a little more tuned in to noticing things like this. They might seem really small, but they still do send a certain message that it is okay to capitalize on such things. The question is, is it really okay?


Taco Time Placemat


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