Little Things


Met with another Cornish instructor yesterday, John Hagman, who happened to have a carved wooden mask with him that was really amazing and had been in the IWASIL offices for a long time before being passed to him.  I’ll be following up with him, but it became apparent from our meeting (and from meeting with Fern last week) that my next target should be to visit the Duwamish Longhouse.  So hopefully I’ll make it there this Friday! 


I also happened to chat with another (former) instructor today who gave me another great local resource to look into: The Raven Chronicles, which is a journal of art, literature, and the spoken word.  One of the directors is Philip H. Red Eagle and they have published Sherman Alexie in the past, so there are some definite links to the local native community there.  The picture below comes from their website…


raven chronicles


Aside from that, I have a meeting next week scheduled with the Native Art Curator at SAM, Barbara Brotherton, so I’m looking forward to talking with her and getting her perspective on the local native arts community as well as some broader issues.  I also had seen that Chief Seattle Club was having their fall luncheon on Thursday, but I missed the cutoff for the RSVP date.  Ah well!


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