How I can tell I’m on the right track…

Today, out of nowhere, I decided I needed to e-mail artist/architect Alex Schweder, who I had been told by the SAM Native Arts Curator worked as part of a team on the recent Coast Salish show.  I figured since that memories of that show had been really pivotal for me in finding a direction for my thesis proposal, I ought to at least try to talk to someone who had worked on it!  Well… I got a reply along with a link to their website and an offer to speak by phone sometime in the future.  That right there was more than I’d been expecting and made me really happy!


But what truly sent me over the top was the publications section on their website with PDF articles on exactly the topics I’m wanting to work with!  It made me feel like an absolute nerd that I was so completely excited to find these academic readings, but also made me really glad I’d finally zoomed in on a topic that I’m really passionate about.  This is also especially helpful because I’ll have a focus while I’m in D.C. next week!  Can’t wait!


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