Jenny Holzer


Although I really wanted to post something tonight, I’m also feeling really drained from having so much going on right now with school and my personal life (there have been two deaths recently of grandmother figures who I was extremely close to as a child).  But I’ll at least offer some images from an artist that was brought to my attention thanks to one of my group members in the racial stereotype project I’m working on.  Our idea actually is closely related in many ways to her work in that we are working with text as well, plus I think that it relates well to the Tanning Project image I shared by Erica Lord. 


I know nothing about these specific works (well, actually I do know that the ones that look like they are on skin are actually written on skin) as I found them through a quick Google image search, but they were the ones that struck me the most, so here they are: 


Jenny_holzer 3


Jenny_holzer 2


Jenny_holzer 1


I think the first image is interesting to compare to Erica Lord’s work because both are written directly on someone’s body.  The second seems to be common knowledge to many indigenous communities, but rather new as an idea to the Western world.  And the last image?  I can speak from personal experience that it has been true for me, at least!


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