Dear School Loans…


There’s only one week left in the semester and I’ve only got two more final projects to complete for next week along with a couple things to archive and turn in from stuff I presented this week.  Our group presented the “i am not a stereotype” project to our Studio class this morning and it seemed like it went really well overall.  Pretty much all of the response we’ve gotten to the installations around school have been really positive and I found out today that we managed to draw at least one theater student up to the fifth floor to see our exhibit there too.  Apparently he really liked the stuff on the first and second floors and wanted to learn more about the project.  One of our instructors also thinks we should pursue implementing the campaign further, which our group is interested in doing.  Oh, and there was a student in the same class who volunteered to help us with any web design we needed.  Things are good!


It was also really great today because since we presented this morning and went second, I was able to then relax and actually enjoy the other presentations I saw.  (I’m not fond of public speaking when I’m the one speaking.)  Same went for my evening Directed Studies class since I presented there on Tuesday.  The last person (Jessie) talked about her involvement with “Orion Out Loud” which was a collaboration between Cornish theater students and homeless youth at the Orion Center in Seattle last spring.  She intends on working on the project again this spring and one of the things she did was share a quick exercise with the class so we could see what types of things they did.  She told us to make a list of things we didn’t like about ourselves or our life, and then we picked one thing and had to write a letter to it, evicting it from our life, and then finish by writing a response from that thing back to us.  It was a really great way to end the day and the school week (no class tomorrow).  Here’s what I wrote:



Dear School Loans,


I regret to inform you that I will be graduating this spring and your services will no longer be required.  Additionally, since the economy has all but collapsed, I will not be paying you back.  It would be great if you could disappear and never contact me again.  Thanks so much.



Anthony Callaway




Dear Anthony,


Nice try, but we own you.



Your School Loans 


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