Goodbye 2009


Working on my “Dentalium Dollar Bill” art project recently got me going back through a lot of my photographs I took of Karuk objects while I was at NMAI, which was one of the highlights of my past year.  One of the pictures I ran across was of a basket in the collection of the National Museum of Natural History that had struck me, because it had the same design as I had used on some monotype prints I made at a Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts Monothon fundraiser in 2008 (images below). 






It isn’t a particularly uncommon design, but I still thought it was kind of cool that I had randomly come up with this pattern and then run into again on a basket.  Additionally, I already have something art related in 2010 to look forward to—aside from the fact that I’ll be graduating.  I wasn’t able to go to the Monothon Fundraiser at Crow’s Shadow this year, but I will be taking a two-day Monotype Workshop in March with Master Printer, Frank Janzen. 


Happy New Year!      


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