New Year Update


I just found out this morning that I received another scholarship through UCLA’s Tribal Learning Community & Educational Exchange Program.  Over the winter quarter I’ll be taking a course called, “Economic Development and Nation Building in Native America.”  I really enjoyed the “Federal Indian Law & Policy” course I took last quarter, so hopefully this one will be just as much fun.  I’m sure it will also help inform my BFA Thesis project too. 


The other thing I’ve got going on is my art project for the NMAI Emerging Artist Program.  I recently posted a picture of a piece using money and dentalium that I was working on, but since then, I’ve moved off in a new direction.  I have these two alder frames I built in a class back in fall of 2007 for an art project.  I had intended the project to speak to my dual white and native ancestry, but hadn’t completed it because I wasn’t feeling certain about what the final form should be.  When I was going back through some of my photographs from my NMAI trip, I had a new strike of inspiration.  I’ve pulled the frames back out and am currently working on them again.  Hopefully I’ll have them completed by the end of the week…  To offer a preview, the image below is a close-up shot of one of the frames from back in 2007.    




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