Presidential Art


I ran across an Associated Press article in the Washington Post today about how President Obama is “making the Oval Office his own.”  It is interesting to think about how such small and subtle things as the types of artwork a President chooses to display sends such a broad message.  What initially caught my eye was that some of the china plates in the Oval Office were being replaced with contemporary Native pottery.  A message from Inez Russel on a facebook link from NMAI listed the artists as: Lucy M. Lewis (Acoma Pueblo), Steve S. (Iroquois), Jeri Redcorn (Caddo), and Maria Martinez (San Ildefonso Pueblo).  I tried to find some images of the pottery in question, but didn’t have any luck in a quick online search.  I did, however, find an interesting article that briefly summarized some of the 47 works of art on loan that the Obama’s have selected for the White House.  And Vanity Fair had a blurb from December 2008 on what some interior designers would do to update the Oval Office for Obama. 



Image is of Obama entering the Oval Office on his first day as President.

(From the White House Museum website.)


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