Window Display…


Had a busy week dealing with family things, but I did run across a facebook post by artist Sonny Assu about a window display in Vancouver that native people were finding offensive.  It was at the ‘F As In Frank’ vintage clothing store and had been put up in relation to the upcoming Winter Olympics.  Mr. Assu said that the management had agreed to take the display down, so it likely isn’t up anymore.  Below is a photo of the window posted on facebook and you can see that they were using stereotypical Western ideas of Native Americans such as the plains feather headdresses.  I don’t think the window was as bad as it could have been, but I do like that the local community got involved and that the store agreed to remove the display.  It might not be anything huge, but these subtle stereotypical messages do influence how people view and think of indigenous people.   


frank store

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