Back to BFA Thesis


Some family issues have kept me from blogging for a while and I figured it was time I started refocusing on getting back to my BFA project.  Last week I had to give my 5th week review to a panel that included four of my previous instructors.  It actually ended up going really well, so I was very happy about that!  Even if I don’t have the content of what I’m doing as hashed out as I’d like, I’ve done a lot of research and have lots of information to work with.  At this point, it is likely just a matter of continuing to refine my idea and starting to determine what tasks I need to begin doing in order to be where I need to when the show opens in ten weeks. 


In putting together my presentation last week, I did come across a few images of things to think about.  One of them was a shot of an area in the Seattle Art Museum’s Native Galleries from back in 1992 when the museum first opened up downtown.  Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen was involved in the exhibition design and I feel like this image makes the objects look a lot more accessible than they do in the current SAM Native Galleries.  Not that it was perfect or anything, but it doesn’t come across as sterile as the current galleries do. 


OSKA native art


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