Grotesque Arabesque


I’ve been busy with a variety of things, but ran across this image I’d taken on my phone while at Suyama Space last year viewing Dan Corson’s Grotesque Arabesque.  A classmate and I went and saw it on the last day it was up, which also happened to be right at the end of the fall semester.  Turned out to be good timing, it was a really great experience, so soft and peaceful.  We wanted to spend all afternoon sitting there! 




One of the reasons I wanted to post this was that my BFA project has gone in a new direction that I hadn’t anticipated.  I thought I was going to do something more along the lines of designing an exhibit or display space, but now I’m wanting to create my own experiential installation that responds to all of the research I’ve done into Native art and artifacts, museums, galleries, and other such topics.  I was getting too stuck on curating something when in reality, I needed to make something.  It certainly won’t be on the scale of Dan Corson’s installation, but again, you can create a lot of mood in a space with a few simple materials as he has shown.   


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