Crow’s Shadow Institute






A couple of weeks ago I attended a weekend print workshop at Crow’s Shadow Institute on the Umatilla Indian Reservation near Pendleton, OR.  I had a great time developing a series of explorations that picked up where I’d left off from my previous monotype explorations back in 2008.  Frank Janzen, the Tamarind Master Printer in residence was a great and supportive instructor!  Plus, I’d forgotten how beautiful it is out there on the Columbia Plateau.  The first picture was taken from the parking lot at the studio and the second picture is, of course, the sign by the door.  I need to update the format of the portfolio section on my site and get the domain linked back to it, but I intend to put up some of my work from there soon. 


Also, I had such a good time that I’ve registered for an upcoming four-day monotype workshop being held at Crow’s Shadow that is offered through the Pacific Northwest College of Art out of Portland, OR.  Still making travel arrangements, but I think I’ve found a nearby spot where I can rent a tipi for a few nights which should be really fun!


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