Microsoft Tag


My partner recently got new business cards that also include a Microsoft Tag on the back.  This is a newer type of barcode that can hold a larger amount of data.  It can be scanned and the information uploaded immediately, which is pretty cool.  For instance, when I scanned the tag on the business card with the Tag Scanner app on my iPhone, the contact information was immediately available and could be saved.  The tags can also be used for small amounts of straight text, to link to website URL’s, and to call specific phone numbers. 


But what also caught my eye with these tags are how they look.  I went ahead and signed up for one that I could put on a business card to test them out (see below).  The patterns of triangles seem reminiscent of a quilt pattern or something similar.  They are customizable as well… you can overlay a pattern of dots over your own background or even create your own design within certain parameters.  Cool stuff!


Anthony Business Card Tag-75

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