SWS Auction Piece


A while ago I had signed up to decorate a piece for an “Art & Experience Gala” being held in May to benefit the Seattle Waldorf School.  I didn’t know anything about the school, but saw a call for artists to submit their information and looked it up online, and it seemed like it could be fun to do.  It turned out I was selected (although I don’t think it was particularly hard to qualify) and they gave me a cast piece with a tree motif (their old logo I think) that I could do whatever I wanted to and then return by the end of April.  The cast tree had been sitting around for about a week or two after I’d picked it up and I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do to it.  Finally, I started working on it yesterday and today. 


It is still in progress, but pretty close to being finished unless I suddenly decide to do something else to it that I hadn’t planned on.  I haven’t done anything with paint in a while, so that’s been kind of fun too.  The circles in the “sky” are cutout from some handmade paper I found and then glued on.  Once I’m ready, the whole thing will be coated with an acrylic lacquer as well.  It may not be a masterpiece, but it has been enjoyable to work on at least!  There has also been the challenge of working with a tree design that I personally found to be a little confusing.  Only two branches on a tree?  What?!?!?  But I’ve accepted the challenge and run with it.  Photos of the piece from what it looked like when I picked it up to where it is right now are posted below…












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