BFA Update (with goldfish)


Still working on my BFA project, I’ve got a place for large-scale printing lined up and now I just need to firm up the details for construction and also figure out exactly how I am going to present this publicly.  I had been working on some smaller study models still, but yesterday I made a partial full scale mockup to see how it went and am glad I did.  Things always happen that you didn’t anticipate!  And, of course, even thought it is made of paper, the whole thing will be heavier than I thought so I do need to address some structural issues.  Here’s a photo from my phone showing a classmate standing in front of the hanging section.  It was really good to get a sense of the size of this thing too!


BFA mockup


I also took a walk in the afternoon with Bryn and ended up at Volunteer Park.  I don’t know why, but I really love the goldfish ponds.  (Which reminds me, I should probably go to the Japanese Garden at the Arboretum sometime soon since you can buy fish food there and feed them!)  Took a phone picture of a couple fish sunning themselves.  Or maybe they were up to something else.  I’ll never know for sure…




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