June already?


It has been nice to be finished with school! Last week I went and took my show down, so I technically don’t ever have to go back for anything else. Now all I need is for my diploma to arrive in the mail and I’ll feel like I’m completely done. Of course, since I jumped right into a new full-time job and am getting ready to move at the end of the month, I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to work on anything lately. I do have some opportunities that I’m putting applications together for this month though, including one for a National Native Creative Development Grant that I was invited to apply for after submitting a letter of inquiry. So it seems like June is more likely to be about paperwork than making new art.


But I am excited about moving as we will have a lot more space and I’m hoping to start getting some supplies to be able to make monotype prints at home. A litho press would be nice, but since that is a bit out of reach I’m looking at something called a PinPress. I wouldn’t be able to get the embossing from my stencils that I like, which is sad. However, it would allow me to experiment and try things out (and if I really need a larger press, I can always rent space at a local studio). An image of the PinPress is below. I’m hoping to have things set up by this fall if I can!




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