Movin’ on up… to the Eastside…


city of bellevue


So I’ll be moving at the end of the month. Bellevue isn’t far from Seattle (just across Lake Washington), but it does have a certain reputation for being more conservative and consumer-oriented. After living in and close to downtown Seattle for so long, it’ll probably be a bit of an adjustment to suddenly be living in the suburbs again. One nice thing though, is that the apartment complex we’re moving to is right next door to where I work. I can’t imagine an easier commute!


As I’ve been working on various art-related applications this month, I did start to think about what it might be like to be an Artist living in Bellevue. I know they have a big annual Art Fair and the Bellevue Art Museum is pretty cool too in what it does. But I got to wondering whether there were studios where I could take classes or would I have to come back to Seattle for that? A quick internet search led me to two places that sounded promising: “The Studio, Fine Art Classes” and “Bellevue Art Studio.” Further investigation determined that both of these places are geared—of course—toward children.


I see this as both good and bad. I’m saddened by our societies notions that the older a person gets, the less okay it is to engage in creative pursuits. Additionally, people usually only seem to be impressed by artists when they can command huge prices for their work. Otherwise, it isn’t usually looked at as a “serious” occupation. On the plus side, however, it seems like there could be more opportunities to become actively involved in creating/shaping the arts scene on the Eastside.


The rest of the month will be focused on work, finishing up applications, and moving. And my main plans for the rest of the summer (art-wise) are to spend time thinking and writing about my professional goals. What do I want to do? Why do I want to do it? How will I achieve these goals and on what sort of timeline? By the time fall rolls around, I should be ready to start buckling down and spending some more serious time on creating work again. Which isn’t to say that I’m avoiding making art this summer, just that I’ll likely be more focused on the organizational and business aspects of my practice. Oh, and generating ideas! I’ve definitely got ideas!


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