Random snapshots


Found these while rummaging around in my iPhone. These are all from the past month or two. One of the things about technology and having my cellphone that I love, is that I pretty much always have a camera with me. It may not always take the best pictures, but usually I’m more interested in the memory behind the image than in capturing exactly what I saw at that moment. Just the image can remind me of the experience of having been there. I’ll have to post some more images later. I found a bunch of cool things that I’d forgotten about.



Bryn standing on a rock at a beach near Deception Pass



I’m not big on heights and it was a LONG way down! Cool seaweed formations in the water…



More rocks and water near Deception Pass



Seattle skyline from a ferry – with a really cool collection of clouds



Sunset while driving across the 520 bridge (hence the blurriness)




California poppies in bloom on a sunny June day


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