Rainy June Days


Last night at work, a coworker had left and then came back to tell us that there was a huge rainbow outside. It was late evening and had been raining a little after a fairly sunny afternoon, and there it was, a large rainbow spanning the sky. It wasn’t one of those half-ones either, it was a full half-circle. Somewhat faint, but still clearly visible.


Things like that always seem to lift my spirits. It’s like the bald eagle I often see sitting on a lamppost or sculpture right next to the 520 bridge on my way to or from Bellevue. There is something comforting about seeing that eagle. And I was shocked last week when I saw two eagles sitting there on two separate occasions. Double the comfort? Indeed.


I’m still thinking about my triangles, and ran across this snapshot I’d taken back at the Tlamasklit (spelling is probably wrong) Cultural Center when I was in Pendleton in May. It is just a simple band of tile that was in the men’s bathroom, but there they were, more triangles. And of course, my printmaking has been ALL about triangles! It was comforting to find that simple gesture there in that bathroom, much the same way it is comforting to see a rainbow or an eagle. It might seem small, but it feels really nice.




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