Giant Pacific Octopus


We were at the Seattle Aquarium the other day and they had TWO octopi on display! These things are so super cool! However, it was kind of sad too because the one shown in the picture would try to swim and then smash into the side of the tank. As much as I love zoos and aquariums because I can watch animals, I also don’t really agree with keeping animals in captivity for entertainment purposes. Well, at least if they’ve been captured from the wild. No matter how “authentic” of an environment they try to make it, it still isn’t really going to be the same as the animal’s actual natural environment. And some of these displays are just so small for the size of animals they hold…


Well, I did enjoy watching him/her swim around. It was pretty active, I’m wondering if they had caught it recently and it was trying to escape? I’ve heard that they can be really crafty in finding ways out of their tanks. There is also a tale of how a guy staying at a hotel on the Seattle waterfront was fishing out of his hotel window and ended up catching a Giant Pacific Octopus, which he promptly donated to the Aquarium. Not sure how long ago that was, but it is cool to know that these live in Puget Sound. 




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