So the move is now in it’s final stages. Almost everything is in the new place, but I still have to get a couple of loads tonight of those last little things and then go back tomorrow morning and clean. I’d been in the last place for three years, which was the first time in a while that I hadn’t moved at least once a year. It was a small space, but we managed to pack quite a bit in there. One thing about packing, it always ends up creating mountains of things…




The new apartment is nicer in some ways (bigger!) and worse in others (more noise from neighbors), but overall I’m liking it. My current job is right next door, so I can just walk to work, which is pretty cool. I saw a rabbit outside the other day when I was leaving, just sitting there and chewing on the grass. One of my favorite things though, is the view. Sure, the windows might be a little smaller, but compared to the previous view, the new one is SO much better! 





I much prefer looking out a window and seeing trees to staring across the street into someone else’s apartment. There has been a lot of change these last couple of months, but it has all been pretty positive. And I’m also trying to stay more aware of how I’m doing. I do tend to want to do everything. And although I’ve managed to get a lot of art applications in recently, I did have to stop and tell myself yesterday that I was going to have to not apply for a couple of public art calls that were due yesterday and tomorrow. It was just too much to do and not enough time. I’d rather be able to spend time and put together a strong application than submit something half-assed. Besides, one of them will likely be available next summer so that I can apply then.


Okay… back to finishing moving.  


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