Art & Branding (Sensitive to Art & it’s Discontents) had an article that a former classmate was sharing on facebook today. It is called “” and deals with the recent advent of how artists are self-promoting themselves online with their websites.




Here I am bringing it up on a blog on my own artist website, but I do so for a very specific reason. The main body seems to be a description of the typical things found in artist website, but the final paragraph asks the following questions:

“Is making your own website equatable to the rite of passage that is the BFA Thesis, or is it somehow more sinister? Does an artist even exist today without a dot com and without gallery representation?”

I find it interesting when much is made of how “sinister” it can be for an artist to participate openly in the business world. The stereotype of an artist appears to limit them to only being concerned with creative pursuits—any attempt at profiting from their work means that they have somehow sold-out. But I think the proliferation of artist websites is natural and good. Why not try to make a living doing what you love? I’m tired of the subtle notions that are presented about how financial success and/or notoriety for an artist are something to be ashamed of. In many cases, it sounds more like jealousy from those that are not as successful. I don’t know exactly where my path will lead me, and I’m not really motivated to try and become an “art star” at all, but I will wholeheartedly admit that my ultimate goal is to be able to support myself financially with my art. 


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