Indian Princess Project: Pocahontas


In addition to gathering materials for this new project, I’ve also been getting some research material. Today I picked up a book about Pochontas by the late Paula Gunn Allen that I’ve started reading. (In addition to Art & Physics… I tend to read more than one book at a time.) I also just ordered a book called Our Indian Princess by Nancy Marie Mithlo, another respected Native scholar. She had helped Wade Chambers put together a distance-learning class called ‘Indigenous Visual Perspectives’ that I took from the Institute of American Indian Arts a few years ago. The section of that course on stereotypes, especially dealing with the ‘Indian Princess’ phenomenon, has stayed in my mind and is likely where the idea for this current project first germinated. Anyhow, here’s the book I’ve just started reading:


pocahontas book


Contrast that with the Disney movie poster and see what you think. I also just realized that I’ve never seen the movie. In fairness, I should probably watch it, right? Of course, Mel Gibson did do the voice for John Smith and he sure doesn’t seem to be getting much positive press lately!


pocahontas poster


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