Confluence of Red Nations: American Indian Artists Symposium


symposium CORN


I’d applied for a Montana Artists Refuge Residency for the month of September, and while I didn’t get accepted, (I got a very nice voicemail letting me know that my application was strongly considered), I had also passed on the information to another native artist I know who graduated from Cornish a year prior. I just found out that she is attending and I’m really glad she was able to apply on time and get accepted! Congratulations to Ryan Feddersen! And while I don’t know if I’ll be able to attend the open symposium due to work/financial issues, it still sounds like an awesome opportunity and perhaps it will work out in the future.


Lately I’ve been full of ideas for art projects and I’m trying to at least write things down so that when I have more time to actually MAKE some stuff, I’ll be ready. It is really nice to have my creativity flowing though. I’m working on getting organized and in a good place to begin making new work. So I suppose I am working, but it is more in the planning stages.


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