feathers 8-30


Yesterday morning I was spending some time on a drawing before I had to go to work. I’d noticed that there was some occasional crashing around in the trees outside, but assumed it was just lively squirrels running around. Then Bryn came in and told me there was a crane! I had thought that it seemed like some really heavy squirrels based on the amount of noise. It took a bit of patient watching, but I did end up seeing the crane gliding from one branch to another, although I couldn’t tell where it flew from and where it landed. If was just a flash of huge wings in the trees.


This morning I went out in the greenbelt to look around and see if he/she had left any feathers. I found one largeish dark grey/black feather that it may have left. Or it was from a raven or a really big crow. And then I also found the smaller feather that has an orangeish tint to it. Not sure what type of bird, but I recognize seeing these feathers on Karuk items when I was researching in the NMAI collections. Pretty cool!


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