Squaxin Auction




The Squaxin Island Tribe’s Museum Library and Research Center is holding their annual art auction this month. I’d gotten an email about it and was thinking of donating a print, but then it suddenly struck me that I should donate my piece, “Two Worlds.” It seems appropriate for a variety of small reasons, including how and why the piece was made, and what the proceeds will go towards. I had been hoping to deliver it in person and visit the museum, but as my car is still getting fixed, that didn’t pan out. I’ll have to plan a visit out there sometime soon as the Museum looks really cool from the website (including the building itself).


As I was wrapping up the piece last night, I also suddenly decided that I should include a couple of prints as well. This is for a cause I believe in, and whether it is my Tribe, or someone else’s, I am ALL for supporting as much Native cultural programming as possible! We’re all in this together and I really do think that art is an important resource for Tribes, both as cultural and economic capital. Here’s hoping they raise a lot! 


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