American Indian Artist Symposium 2010


I just got back last night from a visit to Montana for the Symposium. It. Was. Amazing. And not in that sort of, everything was perfect kind of way. It wasn’t really at all what I was expecting, but by being open to what it was, I learned so much! I don’t mean to say that it didn’t meet my expectations and that was disappointing. It is more that it didn’t match my expectations. I met some great people, took some risks and shared my work with new people, listened to a lot of viewpoints and advice from a variety of Native artists, sold some work, and ate some great food. What more could I ask for?


AIAS Drive1


For one thing, I’d never been to Montana before. I had worked all day Friday and then headed out and ended up driving all night to arrive there at 8am. It was such an experience driving through Eastern WA and the Idaho panhandle in the dark (such darkness!) and then arriving in Montana for sunrise. I can totally see why people come to Montana and want to stay there. Beautiful.




The panels were great! This is a photo of the second day’s panel with Kay Walkingstick, Bentley Spang, and Joe Feddersen. Corky Clairmont was moderating. It looks empty, but everyone was clustered in the back. Each artist who spoke had so much to say that was valuable.


AIAS Frybread


And the food. This was lunch on the second day. All leftovers, but still delicious. Beef stew, macaroni ham salad, amazing potato salad, and a (triangular) piece of frybread. Good times.


AIAS Drive2


The drive home was really long and since I was running on very little sleep, I was happy to get back. But I saw this dead dragonfly sitting on a trash can lid at one of the places I stopped at for gas. It really is the little things.


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