Radical Dreaming




I’ve been reading a book called Radical Dreaming by Dr. John D. Goldhammer. My partner had just started seeing him this summer as a psychologist, and he passed away almost two weeks ago unexpectedly from a heart attack. A really great book so far, I’m sad that I didn’t get a chance to meet him. Here’s a paragraph that struck me:

Until we find our own treasure, we will gravitate toward living outer-directed lives subject to collective impulses—an existence consisting of moving with the herd, first this direction, then that direction, then that direction. We will certainly miss living our own life and the world around us will loses the unrealized, innate value and potential of a genuine, creative life. And we will spend our lives living in a state of projected illusion, chasing rainbows, pursuing a certain life style, imagining that our life is “out there” in this or that group, mass ideology, or following some guru. Outside influences will relentlessly turn the gold of our essential nature into something flattened and ineffective.


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