One of these things is not like the other




So I’ve got these Pocahontas dolls that I’m using for an ongoing art project and when I compared them this morning out of their original boxes, I realized that they don’t look alike at all. It turns out that the one on the left is made by Mattel (Barbie) from the mid-1990s when the Disney movie came out. The one on the right, however, was purchased this year directly from the Disney website and is not a Mattel product. Hence, she looks (to me) more like Jasmine from Aladdin. Plus, her head is bigger. I ended up going on Ebay to get a cheap used doll that will match the one on the left. She’s the one who came out with the movie and I think it has more meaning to have that, along with the Barbie associations, than to use this other one. Although perhaps she will find her way into something in the future? But not for the project I’m currently doing. I need them to match! Ah well. An interesting observation at least. 


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