Here comes the rain again




Fall is my favorite season. In addition to the leaves changing color though, I noticed that there was suddenly a fresh coating of moss alongside the carport the other morning. Apparently fall also brings more green. You know, kind of like spring, but different? (I do like moss!)


Also, I always like reading the horoscopes by Rob Breszny at Free Will Astrology. The one for Gemini for the week of September 23rd sounds promising:

I’m getting excited to see what you’ll create in the coming weeks. You’re slipping into the most expressive groove you’ve been in for a while. I’m guessing that any minute now your imagination will start churning out a wealth of fresh perspectives and new approaches. Half-rotting problems that have just sat there immobile for weeks or even months will begin morphing into opportunities as you zap them with your frisky grace. Misunderstandings that have festered far too long will get cleansed and salved by your tricky ingenuity. Get the party started!

I’ve got my fingers crossed. And at the very least, I feel like I’m well-placed right now to make all of that come true. We’ll see what happens!


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