SAM’s Italian Room


Second panel at top of secondary lift.

I’ve had (yet another) idea for a project. This one involves working with the Italian Room at Seattle Art Museum. I couldn’t find much out about it online, so I had emailed the librarian there and she contacted me to let me know that she was able to let me look at the object files. What a trove of information! I forgot how much I like doing museum research, it reminded me of my Cooper-Hewitt internship and my research at NMAI last year. It was great to learn about more of the history of the room and what went into it’s conservation and installation. The Curator of Decorative Arts also stopped by and offered to show me (in the future) what is behind one of the gallery walls where you can see how the room is installed on a metal frame. The picture above is of some of the ceiling panels during installation.


Of course, what I really liked was how learning more about the history of the room has pushed the direction of my project. I’ve suddenly got some new ideas about what I can do. And more importantly, I’ve got more meaning behind what and why I’m pursuing this project. It was a pretty great art day!


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