Saturday Looking


Bryn always makes fun of me for looking at everything. He jokes that I think of “looking” as an emotion or feeling. Which, I must admit, I may well experience. I had the day off yesterday and these are some of the things I noticed and snapped with my phone.


huckleberry square triangles


Triangles on a planter pot at the place we ate breakfast at.


tech giraffes


A row of “technical giraffes” (cranes) on the Seattle waterfront.


bremerton fountain


The really cool fountains at the park by the ferry terminal in Bremerton.


maple clouds


Maple branches against the sky at the same park.


irish moss bremerton


Irish moss at the same park. It was so bright green!


ferry sky 10-2-10


Expanse of sky over the water on the ferry. I had to go down on the car deck for this one.


seattle skyline 10-02-10


And the view as we returned to Seattle. Every ferry ride the city looks a little different based on weather conditions. This skyline also signals “home” to me. It, along with the surrounding water, hills, and mountains, have always helped me to locate myself in my environment.


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