Tiny Hitchhiker

Mr./Ms. Mite

Found this little guy in the crack of my rear windshield when I stopped to get gas this morning. I was just running some errands and this was my first stop. I saw a speck of bright red and there he was! I forget exactly what this is, but some sort of mite and/or spider mite. I know they live all over the world, but there is a type that lives in the forests up here too. I used to find them occasionally in the woods when I was a kid, but haven’t seen one in a long time. Chances are, he fell off of one of the Douglas Firs that are around our apartment complex. I had been thinking of going through a car wash, but didn’t since he was there. And when I finally got home I was going to move him off and put him somewhere else, but he was already gone. I wonder where he/she/it ended up?


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