18th Annual CoCA Art Marathon & Auction

(I did bid on something in the silent auction, but didn't win.)

I’m pretty worn out so instead of writing about things right now, I’ll just post some pictures and a little info and then come back tomorrow with some more thoughts and try to clean up and post images of what I made.

The paper is all washed out, but here’s my setup. This was when I was starting on the monotone grey triangle drawing. I’m realizing I didn’t take hardly any photos while I was working. I even brought my Nikon, but just have a few crappy iPhone shots to show for it!

They provided us with food and water, and luckily, since it was First Thursday Artwalk in Pioneer Square, there was also an on-site espresso team. This mocha helped save my life. You can also see my pencil drawings in the background, including the grey one. (Which was the one in the live auction.)

This morning I was getting my car from the 9th floor of the parking garage where I’d left it. When I looked down, I found another triangle. Well, it’s the site of the old Seattle Hotel, but it has been a parking garage for as long as I can remember. I think I had a dream about it too, although I can’t remember what happened. Just a vague emotional response about things that happened there that I know didn’t happen in real life. Um, but yeah. I felt a little triangle-obsessed, especially after having drawn and colored so many of them in such a short time!

I didn’t take any pictures at the auction, but this is the alley when I was taking a break beforehand. It was really calm back there and I knew I was going to have to go hang out with a huge crowd pretty soon! I’ll write more tomorrow and try to post the pictures I have of the work I did. They need a little help in Photoshop though, they turned out too dark.


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