Marathon Art

I was just going through my pictures and realized that there are two pieces that I didn’t photograph at all. Which is too bad, they were the first ones I had done of that type. They were like the other small pencil drawings, but I had the triangles a little larger and they included gold and silver leaf. Ah well, I’ll just have to make some more, right? Anyhow, below are some photos of the art I made at the CoCA Marathon.


This was the first drawing I made. I started out doing more familiar work to get into a groove.

Winter Sky

The second drawing. The frames I use are 8″x8″, as is the size of the paper. But since I have mats with 5″x5″ openings, I don’t normally color the entire sheet. This is what they look like under the mat. Also, you can see the paper has a gridlike pattern on it which gives it more texture when buffing out the final drawing.

beginnings of a work

After I’d make four of those small drawings, I started something new. My goal was to make a drawing, disassemble it, and then put it back together again. For this one I actually did take a couple of pictures of it while I was making it.

in progress

Here it is with more color and some of the gold and silver leaf applied.

People's Blanket

And the final work. I cut it up into triangles and then reattached it with wire jump rings. Good stuff.

Karuk Dreamcatcher

And this was the last thing I made. It took a while and I was exhausted by the time I finished it. I haven’t made anything quite like this before, and there were times I thought it might not work, but I was pretty happy with how it turned out. I used a small piece of red lacquered board from a table I had that fell apart and etched things into it. Then I added brass nails in a pre-determined pattern and strung them with artificial sinew. From that, I attached various things such as colored triangles cut from paper, a glass triangle I had wrapped in wire, twigs wrapped in wire, and tiny abalone shells. The picture doesn’t really do it justice, this is the one piece I wish I had actually taken the time to photograph properly! But I’ve still got pieces of that table, so I’ll just have to make some more in this vein.


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