Laying on the "beach"

And so I’m back home again. Bryn took me to Disney World for seven days and I left in a rush with a ton of last minute things to do. I’d thought that I would end up with a break from thinking about Native and art-related stuff for a week, but that didn’t turn out to be the case. Not that those things were front and center, but I noticed more things that concerned them than I would have expected. The only camera I had was my phone, so I’m going to have to post some things later once I’ve sorted through my pictures and thoughts. It was a pretty magical and transformative vacation though. I’d thought that it might be a little cheesy, but no. I had a great time. It was way more fun than I’d ever have expected. And I got to be a kid again, which was pretty healing.  

As you can see from the picture, I did discover the joy of laying in a hammock. I don’t know that I’d ever really done this before? But it was so peaceful to lay on the “beach” on the man-made lagoon at the resort.

All of this brings to mind a couple of passages from a book that Bryn’s mom gave me while we were there and that I read on the plane ride home. These are from Ahab’s Wife by Sena Jeter Naslund:

“At the Lighthouse, in Rebecca Swain’s New Bedford boardinghouse, aboard the Sussex with Chester, and on the Albatross with Sallie, given a bed, or even just a hammock–any small center was my own and some person at hand to exhange affections with–then I had seemed adaptively at home. But the place must have some coziness about it. I was no animal content to burrow. I wanted some artifact about me.” (269)

“To lie on this bed was like lying in the drawer of a well-made cabinet. Here I was contained. And the container ordered my confusion.” (299)



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