For Marika

Marika, these pictures are specifically for you! There was supposed to be a third, but I never got the shot I needed. Of course, since you are Samoan, I HAD to take a picture of the “Samoan Snacks” store (the sign is too bright so you can’t read it). And on the same menu as the Tonga Toast was “The Samoan” which I can only assume is the breakfast of your people. The other picture I’d wanted was of the sign for the “Samoa” building at the Polynesian Resort. Our building was “Tokelau” which I have no idea what it means. Even if I did learn that ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind thanks to the movie Lilo and Stitch. I also discovered that “Ohana” was the name of one of the restaurants at the resort. We attended a character breakfast on our last morning there and there sure were a lot of families! (Note to self: Don’t have kids anytime soon as you will have to share your bacon with them.)


One thought on “For Marika

  1. These are hilarious! If only you’d been drinking a Samoan Snapple while wearing the Samoan Sand nail polish and eating the Samoas Girl Scout Cookie.

    Tokelau is a territory in New Zealand. A lot of Samoans get educated there — study abroad and all that — but I don’t know if that’s the connection. Maybe it means something in Samoan, but I’m not that kind of Samoan. šŸ™‚

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