Art21: “Place”

This morning I woke up and was having some coffee and a blueberry waffle. I flipped on the Xbox and was looking in Netflix to find something to watch while I ate. I saw that Seasons 1 & 2 of Art21 were on there (a PBS documentary) and figured, “Why not?”

Well. I didn’t even get through the whole first episode. Laurie Anderson’s introduction was a little “woo woo” for my taste, although not without merit. But the first artist profiled was Richard Serra, and I had to stop and turn it off after watching the part about him. My education in interior design has certainly made me think about “place” and “space” and all of those things in ways I never used to. Learning more about his process and how he looks at and builds his sculptures was fascinating. And inspiring! I especially loved seeing some views of the installation of his piece, Charlie Brown, in the Gap headquarters in San Francisco. A picture of it is above, and conveniently, it also has the address of the site where I found it.

You can also watch the episode here if you are interested. Apparently, you can watch all of them online!

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