Hipster Triangle Art?

I took this picture when I had stopped by Cornish yesterday to have lunch with a couple of friends. There’s a “B.U.F.U. (By Us For Us) Gallery” up on the sixth floor in a tiny room, and the current “show” appeared to be a do-it-yourself graffiti installation that was open for anyone to participate in. Paper, plastic, and panels lined the walls. Canvas covered the floor. Open cans of paint and brushes sat in the middle of the room. And I found that one, curious quote written on the wall: “fuck your HiPSTER triangle art.”

Of course I immediately took it personally since I seem to have become obsessed with triangles in my art lately. But on reflection, I really don’t know who or what it is in reaction to, and I doubt that it is me. I’m certainly not a hipster (nor do I think anyone would mistake me for one) and I graduated last year. This leaves me with one question. What IS hipster triangle art? I want to know!


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