The Cat Life

A lot of people think it’s good to be a cat. Not being a cat myself, I can’t really say, but I know that our cat Tessa certainly spends a lot of time relaxing. It is tempting to think on those days where I don’t want to do any of my many tasks that it would be so much easier if I could just lay around all day too. However, as appealing as that seems, I also don’t really think that’s what I’d want to do. If I won the lottery or came into a fortune somehow, I know that I’d still be motivated to “get things done.” It’s just who I am. Not to say that I wouldn’t spend some downtime doing nothing for a while, or that I would put my energy toward the same things I’m doing now. But I would still need to do.

And some of that doing includes rubbing this really fluffy cat that happens to be laying on the futon.


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