Artist Trading Cards

So the photo with my last post about Ceremony featured this work in progress. Above is the final one. 3.5″ x 2.5″ made with color pencil. I’ve been fascinated by the “artist trading card” products I’ve seen at a few places made by Strathmore and have looked into the phenomenon. I bought a pack recently and yesterday was trying my hand at seeing what I came up with. Smaller scales appeal to me. They are very intimate and portable. There’s something I love about art that can fit into a pocket. Like a portable shrine.

And this was my second effort. I went vertical and made the triangles slightly larger. I was thinking of the sun as I made this, but so far I’ve just titled them Art Card #1 and Art Card #2. This one is color pencil along with some gold leaf (pen) scattered throughout. Good stuff. I’m really feeling like I have so much to explore with triangles still, I could probably work with them forever. (And I may!) Can’t wait to get into painting triangles, it will be happening soon. I can feel it. I’d like to do oil, but should probably start out with acrylic since I have some of those supplies already.


2 thoughts on “Artist Trading Cards

  1. Would you like a starter set of oil paints? I’ve been vaguely looking for a good home for my oils.

    Bright red, burnt sienna, hansa yellow light, viridian hue, terra verte, iridescent turquiose(small tube), cobalt blue, cobalt violet hue, ivory black, flake white(half empty) in 150-225ml tubes.
    It’s not a super complete collection, but a good start. A couple of the tubes are leaking, not pigment, but some clear sticky stuff, and a few are a bit rusty on the ends. I’ve had these for a long long time, and only pulled them out to work with them once or twice. I feel bad for not ever using them, I really wanted a set after high school art class, but they just aren’t getting any use. I picked up one a month for a while using Michael’s coupons, and some were given to me by someone else, so there are three brands, Daniel Smith, Winsor & Newton, and Daler-Rowney.

    I am such a convert to digital media, and now I have a wood shop too. Too many old hobby parts sitting around.

    Let me know if you’re interested! đŸ™‚

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