On hipsters and their triangle art…

A while back I posted a picture I’d taken of some writing from an art installation at my school where someone wrote something along the lines of, “Fuck your hipster triangle art!” I should have done some research into it sooner, but yesterday I was bored and surfing the web and I finally looked into this phenomenon. The first thing I found was the t-shirt shown above. Apparently there is some sort of connection between equilateral triangles and hipsters? Like, they will have tattoos of them and such. I don’t really know.

But then I found exactly what I’d been looking for. An article/blog/list titled: Triangles are everywhere! An analysis of three-sided shapes in hipster art. There are five examples, the last of which is shown above. I had also posted this link yesterday on facebook and someone commented (which I loved), “It all makes sense… Pythagoras was a HIPSTER!”

So now I don’t feel so bad. I don’t think anyone was confusing my triangle art with hipster triangle art. And if they do, well, my motivation for using triangles has less to do with being ultra-cool than with exploring an aspect of my ethnic background. Maybe I do own a pair of heavy black glasses, but they aren’t vintage or anything and I promise that I’m not trying to wear them sardonically. (Or ironically, as a hipster would say. Even though that is incorrect.)

UPDATE: Ran into an article from the New York Times this morning posted on facebook by a friend called, “The Sociology of the Hipster” by Mark Grief. Here’s the most important two sentences (in my opinion) from the whole thing: “Taste is not stable and peaceful, but a means of strategy and competition. Those superior in wealth use it to pretend they are superior in spirit.”

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