Sing, Shout, Stomp


Couldn’t sleep tonight and found myself stuck on the internet watching clips from Glee on Hulu and YouTube. It made me think about how people relate and communicate. Singing and dancing is, well, fun! And I wonder if that is part of what has made shows like Glee, and Dancing with the Stars, and American Idol, and others of that genre so popular. How often do we really get to express ourselves? Why must we do it vicariously through other people on television?

Storytelling, dancing, singing… all of these are such important cultural components across the board. Indigenous, Western, whatever. It just seems like these are actions and traits that make us human.

In other news, I am creating a couple of pieces for an upcoming Karuk show at the Clarke Museum. I’ve started on the first one and it does involve paint. With the Thanksgiving holiday next week, I’ll have three days off and will hopefully be able to finish at least one! Also, tomorrow I’m going to the Potlatch Fund reception and Gala where I have a couple of pieces of art in the Silent Auction. Looking forward to it!


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