Pi’êep káru Payêem – Long Ago and Now

I’ve got two paintings in progress that I’m getting ready to complete and ship down to California for display in this exhibit. My understanding is that it will be up for a year at the Clarke Museum in Eureka, CA and then move for an additional year to the Karuk People’s Center in Happy Camp, CA.

These are the first paintings I’ve made in years and also the first ones that I’ve really felt like I was making something instead of just noodling around. They are also derived from the patterns I’ve been working with so much. In other words, there are triangles upon triangles! But I’m really enjoying them and glad that I didn’t hold off until I had oil paints to work with, but jumped in with the acrylic paints I had on hand. This is also the first time I’ve worked on (gallery) panels. These ones are smaller, only 8″x8″x1.5″, but I like it better than canvas since it seems much sturdier.

It would be nice if I could devote more time to painting, however, I’m happy to be working on new artwork and am pleasantly surprised still at how things have been progressing this fall. Now I just need to keep finding some opportunities for this next spring!


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