"Blood and Gold" 2010

"Kúusrah (Sun/Moon)" 2010

It’s been awhile since I posted, mainly because I fell a little over a week ago and landed on my face on a concrete floor. It involved a trip to the ER for stitches inside my lip and my face and right hand were really scratched up, but at long last my face doesn’t have any scabs and my hand is looking better every day.

So… here are the final photos of the paintings I completed last week and shipped down to the Clarke Museum! Both of them are 8″ x 8″x 1.5″ acrylic on panel. I’d been hoping to work on other things as well, but the injury along with busy holiday season at work has had me more tired than I’d expected. Still, it is good to have some work completed and sent off and it seems like a great way to draw 2010 to a close. I’ve got a few pieces I’m still needing to complete for friends coming up, and those should keep me busy with my art for a little while.


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