Putting it out there

Nathan Cummings Art Building, Lecture Classroom AR4

Last night I completed and submitted my application to Stanford’s M.F.A. in Art Practice program. It’s pretty competitive as they only accept five new students per year. The only thing I need to complete my application is one more letter of recommendation, and that should be submitted sometime soon as I heard from him today. I’m really hopeful that I will get accepted, but even if I don’t, I can apply again next year and try again. I didn’t even bother applying to any other schools because if I’m not accepted there, I’d rather pursue other interests. It was rather scary to apply because I’m a worrier, and I start thinking of all the reasons why I might not get accepted. But then I remember that if I don’t apply, I definitely won’t get accepted! So instead I’ll be hopeful and keep my fingers crossed. I’m so excited about even the possibility of grad school!!!

On the dad side of things, I’ve started work on that new painting. I’ve also been mulling over whether to pursue anything legal in regards to my dad’s estate and I’m leaning towards leaving things alone. While I think that some wrongdoings have occurred, I’d rather not get into any sort of protracted legal battle with an uncertain outcome. Instead of wading into a negative situation, I’ll focus on remembering the positive things and working on creating a brighter future. What’s done is done.


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