Sketching with Photos

I’ve been busy working on the Robohontas site and ended up abandoning my painting for the past few days. I’m about to start in on that again, but wanted to mention how much fun I’ve been having with this new project. I’d been thinking about it and how to do it “right” for so long that it is pretty nice to have just stopped worrying about all of that and dive in. A great way to start off 2011 with a fun project that I think will last for a long time. I’ve already been surprised at the shape it has taken and seen it grow as I work on it more.

One nice thing is how easy it is to do. All I need is an idea and a picture. I’ve just been using my iPhone and then applying an Instagram filter, after which I put it in Photoshop, make a few quick adjustments and add in text, and I’ve got a new post for my site! It kind of feels like making a quick study sketch, except it is photography instead of drawing. I do have concerns about how the picture will turn out, and I do retake them until I’m happy with them, but I don’t necessarily spend a great deal of time trying to perfect an image. There is my intention going into it and then there is the result of what I have to work with. And if the two don’t match up exactly, that is okay. It is rather amusing that I was so excited to get my Nikon D90 (which I still adore), but I use my iPhone waaaaaay more for pictures than my actual camera. I’m sure a lot of this has to do with portability, ease of use, and convenience.

Okay. Back to this painting…


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