So much of my energy with my art lately has been devoted to Robohontas! But honestly, I’ve got many things going on right now. Among them, I’ve been contemplating some changes.

Soon after my father passed away I started thinking about my name and what it meant to me. I was adopted and raised as an only child with our only extended family being created rather than related. Many of these people that were once so important in my life have passed away. I don’t really communicate regulary with any adults that I knew as a child anymore. And with the death of my family, I don’t know another “Callaway” that I have any connections to. 

Of course, changing my name would be a big deal to me. I wouldn’t embark on this lightly. But the timing does seem right. One of the things that deterred me at first was that I’ve already started to establish myself as an artist with my current name. Is is really worth changing that now? Yet, if I truly consider the question, I realize that my only objection to doing this is what other people might say or think. This is something I want to do. And the surname I would take would reflect my current family. My partner and I would share the same name.

I’ve also been contemplating a new venue for my online portfolio at I’ve created something using a free trial (image above) and really like that the focus becomes more on my work. It seems cleaner, more professional, and better at showcasing my visual art. Another new beginning perhaps.

I’ve talked to a few folks about changing my name already. One of them, I told I would change my name for sure if I was accepted into Stanford. Part of me has been waiting for this, as if I shouldn’t do it unless that happens. What am I waiting for? I don’t know. There’s no need to wait. Changes may happen soon.


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