Object to Artifact

One of our glasses was broken today and I had to throw it out. It was probably part of a set once, but ever since Bryn and I have been together, it was the only one we had like it. I was putting other dishes away and noticed it had a crack on the rim that was spreading down towards the bottom. Interesting how it seems so insignificant as an everyday object previously, and now, all of a sudden, it is rendered useless. This uselessness gives it more meaning in a way. It marks it as something that has “stopped.” (It is dead?) Now the glass is something that used to be used, but has no future beyond being trash. At best, it could hope to be found at some future point and added to a collection of cultural items from our time. I’m probably over-thinking all of this.

The new site is still in progress and I’ve decided to go forward with my name change. It is kind of scary in a way, but I think it will be good. Self-determination and all. As for this site, I’ve got some intentions to create a new black and white drawing for the banner. Of course, it may take a lot longer than I’d like! At least I did finally get my work picked up from the Blue Horse Gallery show back in November. And I’ve started the initial work on a new painting. So I’m not being completely unproductive.


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