“the activity of painting”

Well, this one is finally finished! I still need to do a final clearcoat over it for protection (most likely gloss), but other than that I’m done. But I barely got that one off the easel and I have another one I’m working on…

Ran across a quote that I used for one of the Robohontas images, but I really liked it anyhow. It was by Native artist Kay WalkingStick in an interview:

“The most important part of painting is the activity of painting itself.”


One thought on ““the activity of painting”

  1. Hi Anthony,
    Discovered your website and blog today through Linkedin which I just connected to. I really enjoyed looking at and reading most of what you shared in both of these and the more I see and learn about you and your work the more impressed and inspired I become! Thanks for sharing, keep up the great work. I am looking forward to the day we meet in person!

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